March 23 May 24
OSAKA, March 23 1st Meeting IC-2KL Parts for R-7000J
We were in Osaka. Our first Meeting
at Cafe.
IC-2KL is running
Parts for the Vertical,
Cushcraft R-7000J.
Assemble R-7000J R-7000J Dipoles For 80/40/30m
Assemble R-7000J. Almost dune. Make dipole antennas
for 80/40/30 metres.
Well done.
June 14 June 21
SWR=1.0 Plates SpiderBeam Tough Job
SWR=1.0 on 7025.
Pretty good antenna.
Call Sine Plates are
We'll use a SpiderBerm
for HF.
Assembling is a
tough job.
June 28
Parts Balun Matching Section Guy Lines
Parts of Spiderbeam. Inside of Balun. Installing Matching
Attaching the Upper
Guy Lines.
M July 5
SpiderBeam Re-Assembling JA3YQD guys Measure SWR
Well done. This is the
We re-assembled this at
another place.
Members of JA3YQD
help us.
Measure SWR of
SWR curve Setting up PC
Almost Perfect!
Excellent Antenna.
Setup our PCs. We'll use
N1MM logger.

On the way to the Islands
July 27 July 28
At KIX Jetstar Lights of Taiwan 4 Hrs Delay
At Kansai International
Our Flight, Jetstar
Light of Taiwan (BV). At Singapore (9V1). We
encountered 4 hrs delay!
M July 29
Perth Int'l Airport Kings Park Pizza Party Ticket Counter
Wecould finally get to
Perth. (VK6)
At the Kings Park,
Pizza Party! At the Ticket Counter
of Perth Int'l Airport.

Cocos-Keeling Islands (VK9EC)
July 29
From Airplane Arriving Welcome Board Cocos Airport
Cocos-Keeling Islands
from Airplane.
Finally, Aircraft took us
to this Paradise Island!
Tiny Welcome Board. Cocos Islands Airport.
40m Dipole 30m Dipole Rental Car First Dinner
Put 40m Dipole using
Fishing rod. (Site #1)
30m Dipole between
Palm Tree. (Site #2)
We rented this car
during our stay.
Our first dinner!
M July 30
JF3PLF at Site #2 17m Dipole Visitors Center Jetty
Operation started.
Masa at Shack #2.
Assembly new Dipole
for 17m at Shack #2.
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Visitors Center
A small Jetty which we
try to get Fish for Dinner.
M July 31
Prepare to Fish Bus Stop AWX Antenna Insulator
Prepare to Fish. Why Bus Stop at
the Beach?
Stopgap AWX antenna
for 17/30m.
Insulator was a
fallen branch.
View of AWX Palm Spraut Hermit Crabs
Not so high, but it
worked well.
Ichi - JA3QWN tried to
fish. No fish at all.
Spraut of Palm. Hermit Crabs.
M Aug 1
Coastline JA3TJA Antennas Inverted L
Beautifil Coastline used
for Back Side of QSL.
Ikuo - JA3TJA
at the Shack #1.
Dipole for 40m and
Inverted L for 160m.
Feeding Point of
the Inverted L.
Shnorkelling Main Road 1 Main Road 2 Sandy Beach
Let's go Shnorkelling. Main Road on the Island. It lead us to the Beach. Sandy Beach.
Sausage Roll 599 JH3FUK Dinner
Sausage Roll at the Cafe. We liked this. Taka - JH3FUK
at the Shack #1.
Delicious Dinner.
Aug 2
JA3FVJ Seat Belt? Bird Our Luggage
Final Day Operation
by Mars - JA3FVJ.
The Seat Belt of our car
was broken, though....
A Little Visitor at
Shack #2.
We have to leave Cocos
Crack Coconut At Castaway Flower(1)
Crack the Coconut to
get Coconut Milk.
Good Tropical Taste. With Annelies & Graham
- Castaway Orners
Beautiful Tropical
Flowers (1)
Flower(2) Airport View from Aircraft Snacks
Beautiful Tropical
Flowers (2)
Strong Wind at the
Cocos Int'l Airport.
We are heading to Next
Destination, VK9X.
Snacks on the Flight.

Christmas Island (VK9EX)
Aug 2
Rainy Night Airport Captain's Last Resort Nice Room
Christmas Is. welcomed
us with Rain in Dark.
Few People, Few cars.
Where's our car?
Captain's Last Resort.
The Shack #2.
Nice Room! Masa - JF3PLF stayed here.
M Aug 3
Shack #2 Captains Last Resort The Sunset Our Car
Ready to get pile-ups.
But We need Antennas!
Captain's Last Resort. The Sunset, Shack #1.
4 Guys in 2 Rooms.
Our car on this Island.
Ocean View License Plate Blow Holes Assemble SpiderBeam
We could always enjoy
such a nice ocean view.
License Plate. Blowholes. Assemble our
Spider Beam.
Almost Done SpiderBeam Completed Set Up R-7000J Perfect SWR
Almost done. Perfect shape! Next, Setting up
R-7000J on the Cliff.
Good SWR through
10 to 40m.
Wild Chickens Crab Migration Coconut Crab? Front of Airport
Wild Chickens here and
Red Crabs Migration
will be on Nov. - Dec.
Another Crab.
(Coconut Crab)
Entrance to the Airport.
Three Languages Sign Board Jim Beam from K7CO Car from NARA
Three differentLlanguages
Signboard on the Road. This Jim Beam was gift
from VK9X/K7CO.
Our Car was from Nara.
M Aug 4
JA3FVJ Launderette By our Hotel The Sunset
Mars - JA3FVJ
activated VK9EX..
Wash our clothes at the Launderette near by. Masa and Ikuo
by our Hotel..
Our Hotel - Shack #1
The Sunset.
Post Office Tai Jin Hoese Cannon Trek Route
Post Office. Tai Jin House - for
Original Governer.
Six-inch Naval Gun for
Diffenses during WW2.
Entrance to
the Trek Route.
Traffic Light Swimming Pool
The Only Traffic Light
on the Island.
Our Hotel has a tiny
Swimming Pool.

August 8 August 9
Night View, Perth Casino Back to Japan Australia
Returned to Perth and
enjoyed its Night View.
Earn money for the trip?
No. Just stopped by.
Four of us took a flight
back to Japan.
Mars and Masa stayed in
VK6 a bit more.
October 7
Preview of our QSL for
Preview of our QSL for

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