Good News and Bad News

Dec. 27

A small change of web structure has been made. We moved "Good News and Bad News" to its independent page.

Dec. 26
We added "STATISTICS" page. It contains each station's BAND / MODE / CONTINENT breakdowns.

The navigation buttons has been renewed.

Dec. 5
Today, we sent out all QSL cards, which remained without any requests so far, to the JARL QSL bureau. Therefore, further bureau QSL requests are quite useless. However, your direct QSL requests are still available.

Nov. 29 Uploading to has been made.

Nov. 1 Click to enlarge
Look at the ARRL Wall Calendar 2016!! Our picture at the shack of VK9EC is on the August page.

Oct. 1 Click to enlarge
The article of Our vacation written by Mars, JA3FVJ is on the DXCC Yearbook 2014. It was released with the QST October Edition.

Jan. 24

We added some pictures of VK9C.

The QSL cards via the bureau which requested via the bureau are ready to send out. We had completed the JARL membership application in order to obtain QSL forwarding service.

Dec. 25
We completed sending out QSL cards to those who made direct QSL requests by OQRS/mail.

Dec. 7 More than 50% of direct requests have been replyed. Please do not make requests for the same QSO twice. The duplicate requests will be ignored. When you send SAE, the self adhesive envelopes are much appreciated.

Dec. 1 We started to send out QSL cards. We already replyed for hundreds of direct requests by OQRS. Preview of our QSL designs are on the page of "Photos".

Nov. 23
We will be ready to send out our hard-copy QSL card(s) soon. It took us long time to print those QSL cards for VK9EC and VK9EX but those are on the way to us from EU now. Before dispatching the QSL cards, we would like to announce about our QSL cards dispatching procedures.

At first, we will send out our QSL cards to those who sent us the
SASE and also those requested us by OQRS. We will use Japanese postal service to send out our QSL cards. As the secnond step, we will send out our cards via the bureau, which would take some time.

What we would like to say and ask you to accept is that we won't send back the stamps/IRC's, which are over the value of the stamp actually stuck on the envelope to you. We will take the excessed value of stamps/IRC's as your donation to us, thanks. This practice will apply not only to overseas stations but also to Japanese stations.

We appreciate your understanding about our QSL card dispatching policy.

Nov. 1
We are still waiting for receiving our QSL cards from the printing company. We decided to upload our logs to LoTW today. All procedure has already been done. We are happy if you could get new one by our operation.

Oct. 5
Thank you for requesting QSL cards. We already received a lot of SAEs and Online QSL Requests. Your donations by PayPal help us very much. We are now ordering our special QSL cards. We apologize for the delay.

While waiting for the QSL, please enjoy our photos. We are trying to upload photos as many as possible.

We will upload our log to the LoTW after sending QSL is started.

Aug. 20 Now, OQRS is fully functional. If you had encountered a problem while attempting to send money by Paypal before, please try it again. The problem have been fixed.

Aug. 17 We revised our logs and re-uploaded them.

OQRS for Direct QSL is still having trouble. We are trying to fix it. There is no need to rush. We have not chosen pictures for QSL cards yet. Sending out of QSL cards will be started in middle of September at the earliest.
Aug. 14 All of us came back to Japan.

We received dozens of e-mails here. As we mentioned before (Aug. 7), we will revise our log sequentially. After our post-operation meeting, We will order the QSL printing and process to upload the log to LoTW.

Aug. 8 We are in Perth now. After relaxing in a while, we are going back to Japan. Your cooperation during our DX-Vacation is much appreciated.

All of our log data have been uploaded to the ClubLog.

Aug. 7 160m antenna is doing fine business. We logged about 30 stations including JA, EU and even PY. We will try 160m tonight again.

This is the LAST NIGHT today. We will leave the island tomorrow afternoon. We will shut down the station competely at 0500Z.

We received some e-mails reporting busted call(s). We will revise our log after our operation. Please be patient. Thank you.

Aug. 6 Yesterday, we experienced big open on 10m. We made out more than 500 QSOs on RTTY

Our 160m dipole is ready facing to the ocean. We will transmit on 1826 and listen 5-10 down.

Aug. 5 Our first log uploading of VK9EX has been done. Please check if your QSO(s) is/are on the log or not before you make a second call.

Aug. 4 The OQRS system does not work properly. We will fix it after going back to Japan. Please be patient.

Aug. 3 We started VK9EX operation. Due to delay of our flight, we arrived here yesterday in the dirk. We could pick up all of our gears at the airport. Now we can operate on 80 through 6. Please wait for 160m for a while See you on the air!.

Aug. 2 QRT at 0530Z. See you again in Christmas Island next.

We could made 2 QSOs on 160m at the last night. Propagation was terrible but much better than no QSO! Thank you.

We already uploaded VK9EC's Log completely.

Aug. 1 Log Search is working properly now. Please check it.

We confirmed that our luggages are already in Christmas Island.

We finally prepared 160m antenna!! It is a kind of "Inverted L". Today is the final chance. Our transmitting frequency will be1826 and we will listen down 5-10.

July 31 We temporarily made antennas for 17m. 40/30/17/15m are available at the present time. We know that many hams are waiting for our QRV on 160m. But it is difficult because we cannot find enough space to set up 160m antenna.

Now LOG SERACH is partly available. Please wait for the log of 17m and 30m. When you find your call sign on our LOG SEARCH, do not make duplicated QSOs, please.

17m and 30m Log has been uploaded. Please be patient until your QSO(s) appear properly.

July 29
We are now on Cocos Island. We are all well. It is a good news. But we encountered a serious problem at Perth Int's Airport. Two tranceivers, one linear amplifier and three antennas were not loaded to our aircraft due to some reasons. We have to minimize our operation on VK9C. Any way, we started QRV on 40m and 30m yesterday. Please understand our unlucky condition.

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