ACMA (Amateur Radio Licensing in Australia)
Australian Government
Electronic Travel Authority (Visa Information)
WIA (The Wireless Institute of Australia)
Cocos-Keeling Islands
Cocos Castaway (Accommodation)
Cocos Cottages (Accommodation)
Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre
Island Explorer
Virgin Australia (Airlines)
Christmas Island
Captains Last Resort (Accommodation)
Christmas Island National Park
Christmas Island Tourism Association
Christmas Island Travellers Information (Governmental)
The Sunset (Accommodation)
Crew's web sites
JF3PLF's Home Page
K7IL QSL Gallery
Ham Radio Resources
Announced DX Operations
CW Freak
DX World

MM Hamsoft
Morse Runner
N1MM Logger
Pileup Runner

Gold Print Service (Full Color QSL Cards - excellent quality)
ICOM Australia
ICOM Japan
Radio Parts Japan
(Japanese - Imported Radio Equipment)

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