JA3FVJ - Mars

Mars in High-Speed Boat.
Profession: Business Consultant/Semi-Retired
Preference: Rug-chew

Another Hobby: Travelling
Operated: 8J3JST, -XPO
JA3QWN - Ichiro

With the red snapper of 81cm in length.
Profession: Agricultural Coordinator/Semi-Retired
Preference: Rug-chew
Another Hobby: Fishing
JA3TJA - Ikuo

In Japanese traditional festival, 2013
Profession: Telecommunications Engineer
Preferences: CW and SSB DXing

Other Hobbies: Hunting, Driving Motorcycle
EX Call Signs: 4S7TAG, 8Q7IS, BV2/JA3TJA
Operated: 8J3EQ, -XPO, ,JA3YTJ, -ZVV, JK3YNN
Significant Achievement: DXCC Honor Roll #1
JF3PLF - Masa

V6ØIL, 2007
Profession: Elementary School Teacher
Preferences: CW, Contesting

Another Hobby: Playing the Piano
Other Call Signs: K7IL, (-/KH2, /KH6, -/KHØ), VK6IL
Ex Call Signs:
3D2IL, 5W1IL, A35IL, KC6IL, KI7BO, (-/KH2), N7DUU, (-/NH2, -/NH6, -/NHØ), T3ØIL, V6ØIL
Operated: 8J3HAM, -ITU, -JCI, -JHQ, -KAN, -KYO, -XHQ, -XVII, -XPO, 8M2ØØØ, 8N2ØØØ, 8N3A, -B, -C, -HAM, -HQ, -IKD, -ITU, -JHQ, -K, -LR, -N, -U, -X, JA3RL, -YAQ, -YQD, -YQP, JE3YEK, -YZN, -ZPZ, -ZUL, JJ3ZZE, JR3ZLI, KE6RD, KN6M, V6ØYAQ, KHØ/W8YAQ
Significant Contest Achievements:
1st place, Japan, 50MHz, 6m and Down, 1980
1st place, Japan, AA, WW PH, 1999 (JJ3ZZE)
1st place, Japan, AA, WW PH, 2000 (JJ3ZZE)
JH3FUK - Taka

At Dayton, 2013
Profession: Computer Engineer (Control)
Preference: CW and SSB

Another Hobby: Using Computers
Operated: 8J3EQ, -JST, -UNV, -XPO, ,JA3ZVV

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